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Appointment Reminders for Dentrix has a better way to get your patients in the chair—on time.

Despite what you may have seen on the Dental Enforcer website, there is an easier way with Dentrix.

Dentrix Appointment Reminders, a feature of eCentral, automates your appointment reminders with postcards, emails and text messages ­delivering an efficient, paperless process to communicate with your patients.

Working seamlessly with your Dentrix practice management system, eCentral allows your patients to confirm appointments from automated email reminders. And confirmations are automatically updated in your Dentrix appointment book. After confirming their appointments, patients can complete forms online allowing your front desk to import the data into Dentrix within seconds.

Imagine the benefits automated reminders would bring to your practice

  • Spend less time making reminder phone calls
  • Save time by receiving patient confirmations electronically
  • Reduce no-shows using preferred means of communication
  • Eliminate costly postcard inventory

Ready to keep this thug away from your patients and get them to their appointments the Dentrix way? Learn more about eServices for Dentrix today:

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