Editing continuing care types

After assigning continuing care to a patient, you can edit the continuing care type.

To edit a continuing care type

1.   Select a patient in the Family File.

2.   Double-click the Continuing Care block.

The Continuing Care dialog box appears.

3.   Select the continuing care type that you want to edit, and then click Edit.  

The Edit Continuing Care dialog box appears.

4.   To set a new due date relative to the current one, click the Due Date search button.

The Set Interval dialog box appears.

Note: Intervals reflect the amount of time that should elapse between the patient’s continuing care visits. If you want the interval to extend an extra day to prevent insurance billing problems, select  +1 Day.

5.   Under Interval, select one of the following from the list:

·        Days

·        Weeks

·        Months

·        Years

6.  Change the number of days, weeks, months, or years, and then click OK.

7.   Make any necessary changes to the Prior Treatment, Status, Provider, Default Appt. Time, and Motivational Note fields.