Deleting a practice definition

Before deleting a definition, try changing the existing description to a new, more useful description. Deleting a definition can cause skips in the definition numbering sequence and these skips can lead to data corruption. For example, if you will not use the appointment status "4: Patient has Arrived" in your office, you can change it to a more useful definition such as "4: Left Message."

When you delete any definitions from the Office Manager, a warning appears before Dentrix deletes the definition. In some cases, a dialog box appears that allows you to select a replacement definition so that you don't jeopardize the stability of your database.

To delete a practice definition

1.   In the Maintenance menu in the Office Manager, point to Practice Setup, and then click Definitions.

The Practice Definitions dialog box appears.

2.   From the Definition Type list, select a definition type.

3.   Select the definition that you want to delete from the list under Definition Text, and then click Delete.

Depending on the status of the definition, one of several messages appears. Click Yes to delete the definition type. Otherwise, the Delete Definition dialog box appears.

5.   Click the Select Replacement Definition search button.

The Select Definitions dialog box appears.

6.   Select a definition to replace the one that you are deleting, and then click OK twice.

Dentrix deletes the definition from the database.