Batch processing primary dental insurance claims

Many offices create all insurance claims for any given day at the same time instead of one patient at a time throughout the day. The Office Manager allows you to create all primary insurance claims for procedures posted within the selected date range and for the selected providers and Billing Types. This feature will exclude any procedure codes and insurance companies that are flagged "Do Not Bill to Insurance." For information on flagging procedure codes, click Procedure code setup.

To create batch insurance claims

1.   In the File menu in the Office Manager, click Batch Ins Claims.

The Create Batch Primary Dental Insurance Claims dialog box appears.

2.   Do the following:

·        Enter Procedure Date - Type a date range in the From and To fields to search for all completed procedures posted to the Ledger within that range.

·        Select Rendering Provider - Select All (default) or select the providers who performed the procedures within the date range from the list.

·        Select Billing Type - Select All (default) or select the billing types that you want to create claims for from the list.

·        Include Procedures with 0.00 Amounts - Select to include procedures having no dollar amount. By default, Dentrix does not create claims for procedures with no dollar amounts attached.

·        Save as Default - Select to save your settings for the next time you create batch claims.

3.   Do one of the following:

·        Print - Click to print the claims immediately.

·        Send to Batch - Click to send the claims to the Batch Processor where you can print them or send them electronically at a later time.

·        Send Electronically - Click to automatically send the claims electronically.

The Batch Insurance Claims Completed dialog box appears, listing the number of claims that were generated.

4.   Click OK.