Previewing a report

The Print Preview feature allows you to display one or two pages at a time, zoom in or out to see more of the overall page or more detail, and easily navigate between reports and pages of the current report. When you preview a report, Dentrix displays the report in a format as close to the printed report as possible. If you are previewing a billing statement or an insurance claim, which also prints as a form, Dentrix displays the form too.

You can add reports to a current preview session. From the Print Preview window, you can print a single report page, a range of pages, an entire report, or all reports selected in the current Preview session. Finally, you can specify multiple copies of a report when printing.

To preview and print a report

1.   In the Batch Processor in the Office Manager, select the report that you want to preview before printing.

2.   In the File menu, click Print Preview.

The Dentrix Print Preview window appears.

3.   In the Options menu in the Dentrix Print Preview window, select from the following:

·        Save Defaults on Exit - Saves your Print Preview settings as the default settings when you exit.

·        View One Page - Displays one page of the report.

·        View Two Pages - Displays two pages of the report.

·        Zoom - Lets you specify a display size (as a percentage of the full page size)

·        Default Page Size - Displays the report preview using a default full-page view.

·        Full Page Size - Displays the report at full page width.

Note: After you preview a report, the status of the report changes to "Displayed" in the Batch Processor.

4.   In the File menu in the Dentrix Print Preview window, click Print Report.

The Dentrix Print dialog box appears.

5.   Under Copies, select or type the number of copies that you want to print.

6.   To collate the copies, select Collate Copies.

7.   Select one of the following options:

·        All Scheduled Reports - Prints all reports.

·        Displayed Report Only - Prints the report that you are previewing only.

·        All Pages - Prints every page of the selected report.

·        Page Range - Prints a range of pages of the selected report. To print a single page, type the page number in the From and To fields.

8.   Click OK.