Setting up display fonts

Dentrix allows you to customize the font used in the Appointment Book schedule area.

To change the display font

1.   In the Setup menu in the Appointment Book, click Display Font Select.

The Font dialog box appears.

2.   In the Font list, select the display font you want to use.

3.   To use a font style, such as Bold or Italic, select it from the Font style list.

4.   In the Size list, select the font size you want to use.

Tip: If you are trying to see your entire workday at once, try decreasing the font size.

5.   Click OK to apply your font settings and return to the Appointment Book.


·        The Appointment Book font settings have been carefully chosen to show you the most time possible while still keeping the font size easy to read. If you change the font settings and do not like the way the Appointment Book appears, click Default to restore the original Appointment Book font settings.

·        The display font is workstation-specific, so selecting a different font size on one computer will not affect other computers on the network.