Opening the ASAP List

If a patient wants an appointment sooner than your next available time, Dentrix lets you flag scheduled appointments as ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Once you flag an appointment as ASAP, it appears on the ASAP List. This satisfies the patient's request for an appointment sooner than the first available one and provides you with a list of patients you can fill holes with in an otherwise full schedule.

In addition to providing you with the names of patients who can fill open appointment times, the interactive nature of the ASAP List makes it simple to contact a patient and then create or move an appointment as needed.

Note: For information on using the ASAP List menu bar, click Appointment list menus.

To open the ASAP List

1.   In the Appt Lists menu in the Appointment Book, click ASAP List.

The ASAP List window appears.

Note: The ASAP List window displays all appointments scheduled in the next seven days flagged ASAP.

2.   To see more information regarding an appointment or to make changes to an appointment, double-click it.

The Appointment Information dialog box appears from which you can make the changes you want to the appointment.