Opening the Unscheduled List

The Unscheduled List provides you with an easy way to view broken or wait/will call appointments. You can select any appointment in the list to open the Appointment Information dialog box for the unscheduled appointment.

Note: For information on using the Unscheduled List menu bar, click Appointment list menus.

To open the Unscheduled List

1.   In the Appt Lists menu in the Appointment Book, click Unscheduled List.

The Unscheduled List window appears.

2.   Double-click an appointment to see more information about that appointment or to make changes to it.

The Appointment Information dialog box appears from which you can make the changes you want to the appointment.

Note: Any time you double-click an appointment from this list, Dentrix erases the date and time, so you must enter a new date and time before you can return the appointment to the list.