Opening the office on weekends or holidays

Occasionally you may need to change the hours that your office is open or that a provider is available for scheduling. You can change your practice schedule or close the office completely for a day. Similarly, you can change a single provider's schedule or schedule the provider out of the office for the entire day.


·        Changing the hours of operation or closing the office for a day does not make changes to previously scheduled appointments. For example, if you have scheduled patients for a certain date and then unexpectedly have to close the office that day, those patients remain scheduled unless you reschedule them.

·        To open on a day that your office is normally closed, you must open it in the Practice Appointment Setup first. For example, if you did not set up your office to work on Saturdays, and you need to open on a Saturday during the month, you must first open the day through Setting up practice hours.

To open the office on the weekend or a holiday

1.   In the Setup menu in the Appointment Book, click Practice Schedule.

The Schedule Calendar for Practice dialog box appears.

2.   Select the date that you want to change.

·        To move forward one month, click .

·        To move back one month, click .

3.   To open the office for the day selected, from the Office Closed menu, click Open Office.

4.   To open the office on a date previously assigned as a yearly holiday, from the Office Closed menu, click Delete Holiday.

The date no longer appears blank on the calendar.