Finding new appointment times      

When patients with very specific scheduling requirements call to make an appointment, you can use the Appointment Book to find a free time that meets your needs and your patient's. Simply enter the appointment criteria, and Dentrix searches for the first free time that meets those requirements.

To find a new appointment time

1.   In the Options menu in the Appointment Book, click Find New Appointment Time.

The Find New Appointment Time dialog box appears.

2.   Do the following:

·        Select Provider(s) - Select the provider or providers that  you want to search for. Select All to include all providers.

Important: You can search by over seven different criteria; however, you are only required to indicate the amount of time and provider that you want to search for.

·        Select Op(s) - Select the operatories that you want to search for. Select All to include all operatories.

·        Search By Assigned Operatories Only - Select to search only for operatories assigned to the provider or providers you chose.

·        Select Days - Limit your search to selected days by clicking Clear All and then selecting the days you want to search for.

·        Start Date - Type the date that you want to start searching from. To advance the start date by a specific number of days, weeks, or months, select Day(s), Week(s), or Month(s), and then click the number that you want to advance by.

·        Time Range - Select the amount of time needed to complete the procedure. To search for a specific time slot, click the Start and End search buttons and select the start and end times respectively.

·        Select Time Block - Select Search By Time Block and select a block type from the list if you are using Perfect Day Scheduling. Select an Appt Type. Dentrix locates first available blocked time for the type of appointment you are scheduling.

3.   Click Search/View.

Dentrix displays a list of the first ten available times that match your criteria in the Available Appointment Times dialog box.

4.   Select the time that you want to see.

5.   Click View.

Dentrix jumps to the selected date in your schedule and outlines the selected time.

6.   To see the next date and time, click View Next. If none of the ten displayed times will work, click More to see another ten available times.

7.   To use the selected time, click Select.