Locating appointments from other Dentrix modules

Besides Appointment Book, you can locate appointments in the following Dentrix modules:

·        Family File

·        Ledger

·        Patient Chart

Note: You cannot locate appointments in the Office Manager.

To locate appointments in other Dentrix modules

1.   In the File menu in the Family File, the Ledger, or the Patient Chart, click Select Patient.

The Select Patient dialog box appears.

2.   Type the first few letters of the patient's last name, and select the patient whose information you want to view.

3.   Click More Info.

The More Information dialog box appears.

The appointment box displays any scheduled appointments for the patient.

·        Appointments attached to Continuing Care display the attached continuing care type to the right of the appointment date.

·        Unattached continuing care dates are listed without an associated appointment date and time.

·        Appointments listed below the line are in the past.

4.   To view the appointments for other family members, select a different family member from the family list.

The appointment box updates and displays that patient’s scheduled appointments.

Note: You cannot edit appointment information from the More Information dialog box. To edit appointment information, you must first locate the appointment from the Appointment Book.