Moving an appointment to the Pinboard     

Whether a patient needs to reschedule an appointment or you need to lighten your schedule, from time to time you may need to move a scheduled appointment to a new date or time. You can move appointments for a family, a provider, or an operatory; operatory events; or all appointments or events for a particular date. You can either move appointments directly to a new date or time or move them temporarily to the Pinboard.

Note: You can move appointments in the Day View and Week View, but not in the Month View. Dentrix continues to display appointments on the Pinboard and in their original positions, until you move them to a new time, and confirm the move. While you can store as many appointments and events as you want on the Pinboard, storing more than 30 may prove impractical.

To move an appointment to the Pinboard

1.   In the Appointment Book, select the appointment that you want to move.

2.   Do one of the following:

·        Drag the appointment to the Pinboard.

·        In the Options menu in the Appointment Book, point to Move to Pinboard, and then click Selected Appointment.

An icon for the selected appointment appears on the Pinboard.


·        To return an appointment on the Pinboard to its original date and time, from the File menu, click Refresh.

·        To reschedule all appointments for the same family that are on the same day, click Family Appts for Displayed Date.