Activating perfect day scheduling  

In order to display the scheduled time blocks, you must first activate Perfect Day Scheduling in the Appointment Book. If you do not activate Perfect Day Scheduling, the time blocks you set up will not appear in the Appointment Book, and you will not be warned if you schedule appointments during reserved time blocks.

Note: When you schedule an appointment in a defined time block, Dentrix checks both the provider and the appointment type to verify that they match the time block. If either the provider or the appointment type do not match, a warning appears that allows you to override the time block setting and schedule the appointment or to return to the Appointment Information dialog box. From the Office Manager, you can set up and/or change appointment types.

To activate Perfect Day Scheduling

1.   In the Options menu in the Appointment Book, click Perfect Day Scheduling.

Dentrix displays each provider's time blocks.

2.   To move a time block within its respective operatory, drag the time block to the time you want.

3.   To increase or decrease the time block's size, drag the bottom border of the time block down to increase or up to decrease the block's size.