Scheduling appointments overview

Scheduling appointments is easy using the Dentrix Appointment Book. There are several ways to schedule, reschedule, modify, and manage appointments. To learn more, click the following links:

·        Scheduling appointments

·        Scheduling initial appointments

·        Scheduling treatment plan appointments

·        Scheduling unplanned appointments

·        Scheduling next available appointments

·        Scheduling appointments for secondary providers

·        Scheduling appointments from the Pinboard

·        Changing providers

·        Changing appointment lengths

·        Selecting staff members

·        Changing operatories

·        Viewing appointment histories

·        Calling patients automatically

·        Verifying patient information

·        Viewing patients' other appointments

·        Setting default claim information

·        Managing wait or will call appointments

·        Viewing the last changed date

·        Attaching lab cases to appointments

·        Creating follow-up checklists

·        Scheduling new patients

·        Finding new patient appointments

·        Creating a family file for new patients

·        Creating continuing care appointments

·        Common continuing care scheduling messages

·        Setting a continuing care appointment complete

·        Attaching continuing care types manually