Viewing patients' other appointments

From the Appointment Book, you can view:

·        Continuing care information for the family.

·        Past and future appointments for the selected patient.

·        Treatment-planned procedures for the selected patient.

To view a patient's other appointments

1.   In the Appointment Book, double-click an appointment.

The Appointment Information dialog box appears.

2.   Click Other Appt(s).

The Family Appointment List dialog box appears.


3.   To switch to a different family member, select him or her from the list.

4.   To view an appointment, select it, and click View Appt.

Important: If you have not saved the current appointment information before clicking View Appt., the information will be lost.

Dentrix jumps to the date and time of the appointment.

5.   To create a new appointment, select a new patient from the list, and click Create New Appt.

The New Appointment Information dialog box appears where you can schedule a new appointment.