Restoring appointments from the Pinboard      

The unexpected often plays havoc with running your office smoothly and efficiently. This can mean having to reschedule a large number of appointments without losing track of any. Improvements to the Pinboard, let you move all appointments for a day, an operatory, or a provider to the Pinboard for rescheduling. If you have a mixed group of scheduled and unscheduled appointments on the Pinboard, you can restore all scheduled appointments and move the unscheduled ones to the Unscheduled Appointment list or leave them on the Pinboard.

To restore all appointments from the Pinboard

1.   Right-click an appointment on the Pinboard.

2.   In the shortcut menu, click Restore All Pinboard Appointments.

 If one or more of the Pinboard appointments cannot be restored, a message appears.

3.   Select the appropriate response, and click OK.