The Appointment Book toolbar

The Appointment Book includes a toolbar to provide easy access to most of the scheduling tools. You can access all other tools from the Appointment Book menu.




Patient Chart

Helps you enter patient treatment and conditions, document and track patient care, enter periodontal treatment information, and explain and demonstrate proposed treatment to patients.

Family File

Stores and displays important patient information, such as the patient’s name, address, phone number, health history, birth date, insurance coverage, employer, and referral information.


Enter payments, file claims, print statements, set up financial agreements, and more.

Office Manager

Provides several tools and reports to evaluate and improve the management processes of your practice.


Manage and quickly search lists of patients (active, inactive, or archived), employers, insurance carriers, labs, non-patients, providers, staff, referrals, and any other contact you may want to remember. You can also create custom contacts and contact categories to filter the Contacts List or even locate a patient's next appointment.


Opens the DXWeb toolbar that works in conjunction with eCentral to provide you with the tools necessary to connect your Dentrix software to the Internet.


Provides links to supported third-party X-ray and imaging systems you've installed on your computer; if none are installed, clicking this button displays a list of third-party digital X-ray and imaging systems that you can use with Dentrix.

Quick Letters

Combine data from your Dentrix database with the word processing abilities of Microsoft Word to quickly create a letter for a patient.

Quick Labels

Print a variety of labels for the selected patient.

Continuing Care

Provides a flexible way to monitor your patients’ pending dental care and communicate information and reminders easily and effectively with groups of patients.

Send Message

Create and send e-mail messages to patients in your Dentrix database.


Helps your office go paperless by electronically gathering and storing the same patient information that is included on new patient forms, health history updates, and other paper forms used in your office. A red check mark in the icon indicates that the patient has filled out a questionnaire.

Health History

Click to open the Health History window for the selected patient. The icon is red when you assign a patient a medical condition or allergy.


Helps you quickly create prescriptions and accurately track medicines prescribed to your patients. If a prescription bottle appears in the icon, the patient has a prescription.

Office Journal

Keep records of past events and create reminders of future events.

Document Center

Lets your office become paperless by scanning, capturing, and importing many types of documents, such as patient letters, EOBs (explanation of benefits), and referral letters or images (such as patient pictures and X-rays). You can attach these documents to patients, providers, insurance carriers, and referral sources. If papers appear in the lower drawer of the icon, the patient has documents saved to the Document Center.

Treatment Planner

Provides patients with easy-to-understand treatment options. When used with the Dentrix Presenter, the Treatment Planner provides powerful case presentations.

Dentrix Marketplace

Opens the Dentrix Marketplace website from which you can purchase many products to enhance and expand your Dentrix platform.

Patient Picture

Opens the Dentrix Patient Picture window, where you can save and edit a full-color patient picture that can be accessed from the Appointment Book, Family File, Patient Chart, Treatment Planner, Treatment Manager, Document Center, and other Dentrix modules.

Schedule Appointment

Opens the Appointment Information dialog box where you can edit the patient's appointment schedule.

Find New Appointment Time

Opens the Find New Appointment Time dialog box where you can search for an available appointment time.

Locate Existing Appointment

Opens the Locate Existing Appointment dialog box where you can search for an appointment that has already been scheduled.

Break Appointment

Click to cancel a scheduled appointment.  

Set Complete

Opens the Set Appointment Procedures Complete dialog box where you can specify that appointment procedures have been completed.

Fill Appointment

Opens the Fill Appointment List window from which you can send a mass text message to up to 40 patients to fill available appointment times in the Appointment Book from the ASAP, Broken, Continuing Care, Will Call, and Pinboard lists.

Print Appointment Book View

Opens the Print Appointment Book View dialog box where you can specify options for printing the current view of the Appointment Book.

Print Route Slip

Print a patient route slip that includes such things as medical alerts, patient notes, and collection information for the patient.

Patient Visit Form

Create a route slip that you can customize, view, or print for a selected appointment, a certain patient, or multiple patients.

Print Daily Huddle Report

Print the daily huddle report.

More Information

Displays additional patient information, some of which is not available in the initial Family File window. You can view or access patient contact information, family members, appointment history, continuing care due dates, and balance information.

Delete Appointment

Delete an appointment or an event from the Appointment Book.

Treatment Manager


Gives you access to vital patient information, including treatment-planned work, balance, payment information, Office Journal entries, insurance information, and so forth.

Lab Case Manager

Links directly to the Appointment Book and allows you to create a case for the patient, ship it to the lab, and track its progress.


Opens a menu from which you can select New DDX Lab Case Prescription or View DDX Lab Case List.

Patient Alerts

Create a patient alert for a single patient, an entire family, or selected members of a family.

Patient Referrals

Enter information about who referred the current patient.

Perfect Day Scheduling

Click to use the Appointment Book's Perfect Day Scheduling feature.