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Henry Schein Dentrix is the foundation for today’s modern digital dental office. With its powerful office management and clinical tools, combined with its integrated eServices, Dentrix helps you deliver the best patient experience possible, while ensuring your team is productive and your practice is profitable. With the release of Dentrix G5, Dentrix becomes an expandable, secure “platform” that connects your electronic services and other "Dentrix Connected" solutions into one powerful Dentrix system, which saves your team a lot of time. Featuring new electronic claims management tools plus updated mobile software for the iPad and smart phones, Dentrix is sure to boost your productivity—and your bottom line.

What makes Henry Schein Dentrix the best choice for your practice?

We've been a leader in dental practice management for more than 20 years. Over 30,000 of your peers depend on our solutions and services every day. Dentrix also provides tight integration with powerful electronic services, digital imaging systems and now third party applications with our Dentrix Connected program. Purchasing a Dentrix Connected application ensures your favorite applications will still work with your preferred software, and minimize the challenge of making sure everything works together.

Need on-the-go access to your practice?

Now use your smart phone, iPad, or other mobile device to get fast, secure access to current information about your patients, appointments, medical alerts and prescriptions—anytime, anywhere.
See how Dentrix Mobile can keep you in touch with your practice.

Dentrix Digital Dental Office®

Dentrix G5, the latest version of our industry leading comprehensive software is designed to provide you with the ultimate business, clinical and front office tools for your practice enabling you and your team to focus on what matters most – your patients care. Learn how Dentrix G5 connects your office technology.

Patients start forming an opinion about your practice long before they walk through your doors. With a flexible, goal-oriented appointment book, impressive automated reminder options and convenient online forms, Dentrix makes every interaction with your patient more positive, professional and productive.

Dentrix offers powerful integrated eServices to boost your front office productivity by allowing your team to get more done in less time and focus on patients rather than paperwork.

Time-consuming tasks, such as submitting patient insurance claims, sending appointment reminders, processing patient payments and entering patient data can be done faster or automatically in Dentrix. Learn More

Innovative and comprehensive. Dentrix Clinical notes and charting, perio charting, treatment planning and progress notes each provide industry leading capabilities directly in the operatory. By moving toward the ideal Digital Dental Office, it’s one more way you can eliminate the mistakes and security risks associated with handwritten, paper records.

Used in conjunction with the Clinical Record, you can record diagnostic and summary information, including periodontal case typing using the appropriate ADA diagnostic code and description. And you can print custom reports, charts, and letters for an insurance consultant or referring dental professional.

The entire exam can be conducted with Dentrix's superior voice activation and eliminate the need for an assistant to manually recording the information. Learn More

Did you know:

  • Practice Advisor is the only business metric reporting software that was designed with leading industry consultants at the Pride Institute and Jameson Consulting. Learn More
  • Our profitability coaches collectively have over 110 years of dental practice management experience to draw upon to be able to coach clients to get the greatest benefit from Dentrix. Learn More

Dentrix has powerful anti-fraud features to protect dentists and help them manage their business—such as sequentially number day sheets and audit trails to understand who has done what on the system

Tap into Your "Million Dollar Filing Cabinet"

Tight integration with Henry Schein Guru makes presenting treatment plans and case procedures more effective than ever. When you use Guru Libraries with the Dentrix Presenter, you can automatically create high-quality multimedia case presentations based on your treatment plan procedure codes. Attach consent forms, procedure animations and case details to a treatment plan and improve case acceptance and patient retention. With Dentrix you can create multiple treatment plans, link alternate treatment plans and track and manage all of your patients plans. Easily show treatment plans that have been referred, proposed, accepted, rejected or completed with a status history for each case.