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Improve Checkout Times and Stay on Top of Your Patient Accounts
The Dentrix Ledger works just like a paper ledger, only it is faster, easier and more powerful. Patient and family accounts are all available at a glance, and a handy toolbar gives you point–and–click access to common tasks, making your work more efficient.

All in one place. The main ledger screen packs a wealth of information in an easy-to-read format, so you can see what you want without switching through endless screens and menus. You can enter payments, file claims, print statements and reminder letters, and much more all from one location. Insurance benefits are automatically updated as you enter payments and Dentrix accurately calculates the carrier portion of the fee each time a treatment plan is entered. Automatic alerts appear if secondary insurance coverage exists.

Four easy toolbar buttons facilitate a lightning-fast checkout. You can print a walkout statement, a patient billing statement, or a family billing statement with a single click. Or launch your own customized checkout procedure with the Fast Checkout button.

Dentrix provides complete, easy-to-use day sheets (and deposit slips!), month-end reports, and informative aging reports. You can do guarantor tracking, print collection letters, and more.

Dentrix helps you efficiently manage your billing statements, allowing you to batch print statements while having the flexibility to choose which patients to include. You can file insurance claims effortlessly, as well.

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