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Secure, Automated, Online Data Backup

Your patient data may be the most valuable asset your practice owns. With Dentrix eBackUp you can secure the safety of that asset in a matter of minutes. eBackUp is the only online backup solution that is simple, reliable, secure and recommended by the developer of Dentrix.

Backing up your data online eliminates the risks of tape or CD drive failure, human error, or improper storage of backup media. Plus, eBackUp automates the backup process and performs scheduled backups as you direct. You control which files you want to backup and how often–eBackUp does the rest. eBackUp even keeps you informed of the status of your backup data with backup logs. You’ll know exactly which files backed up successfully and which still need attention.

eBackUp allows you to restore your data to any computer with an Internet connection, anytime. Day or night, your data is never more than a few mouse clicks away.

eBackUp versus manual backup
Most manual backup processes can leave your data vulnerable to hazards like fire, natural disasters, power surges and theft. eBackUp encrypts your data and secures it in a remote location for a higher level of security. Plus, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires dentists and other health care professionals to use a backup procedure that protects patient data in accordance with HIPAA security standards. Doctors who use eBackUp can be confident their data is backed up and protected in accordance with all HIPAA mandates.

eBackUp’s compression technology reduces the size of your backed up data up to 99% to save you money. Managing file size more effectively allows you to backup your data even faster.

With Dentrix eBackUp your practice can…

  • Backup your patient data automatically
  • Protect confidential patient information
  • Restore backed up data with ease
  • Compress data to save storage space
  • Deliver free, instant software updates
  • Contact toll-free, live customer support

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