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Web Site Manager
Communication Manager
Insurance Manager

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eCentral online patient communication manager

Practice Automation and Efficiency

eCentral allows your front office to spend more time with patients and perform other office responsibilities by automating time–consuming tasks. Now you can track insurance claims, verify insurance eligibility, manage your Web site, remind patients of appointments and much more—all from one central location. eCentral is divided into three managers that you can purchase à la carte or bundled for maximum functionality and value.

Web Site Manager
A practice Web site is an effective way to attract new patients and better connect with existing patients. Unlike other Web sites, an eCentral Web site is seamlessly integrated with Dentrix to become an extension of your front office.

By providing your patients with the means to securely access personal information online, you reduce the number of phone calls that would normally consume staff time and interrupt productivity. Your patients have round–the–clock access to view upcoming appointments, treatment plans and account balances. Patients can even request appointments and make online payments. Learn more.

eCentral Communication Manager
The eCentral Communication Manager uses Dentrix to more effectively and efficiently communicate with your patients and other dental professionals. Now you can automate your recall card process with professional and attractive postcards that eliminate expensive inventory and save front office time. Plus, eCentral’s email and text message appointment reminders reduce missed appointments and outbound reminder phone calls. Learn more.

eCentral Insurance Manager
eCentral empowers your team with the latest and most advanced insurance management tools available for your practice. It’s the only claim tracking program that can integrate with Dentrix to quickly and easily track electronic insurance claims or view electronic claim archives.

The Insurance Manager also allows you to verify insurance eligibility in real-time or to perform automatic insurance eligibility uploads. The Insurance Manager can be programmed to collect insurance eligibilities in advance for an entire day’s worth of appointments. Learn more.

With eCentral you can…

  • Maintain an integrated Web site
  • Provide patient account access
  • Post integrated online patient forms
  • Provide comprehensive patient education
  • Automate recall cards
  • Automate patient appointment reminders
  • Automate patient satisfaction surveys
  • Accept patient referrals
  • Send and receive provider referrals
  • Manage appointments from one page
  • Track eClaims in real–time
  • Verify patient insurance eligibility
  • Automate eligibility verification
  • Access eClaim history reports
  • Receive free instant software updates
  • Contact toll–free, live customer support