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Communication Manager

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Communication Manager - dental recall cards, reminders and surveys

Automated Patient Communication Tools

Dentrix Communication Manager seamlessly integrates with Dentrix to more effectively and efficiently communicate with your patients and other dental professionals. Imagine how much time your staff would save by eliminating the need to mail dental recall cards or call patients to confirm appointments. Communication Manager takes over this responsibility and provides your practice with worry-free patient appointment reminders and other correspondence.

Communication Manager uses popular means of communication to remind patients of appointments or to encourage continuing care visits. Communication Manager will automatically send text messages, emails and postcards that are configured to your preferences. Once set up, Communication Manager will help reduce missed appointments and optimize your schedule.

Communication Manager's email and postcard reminders are personalized with your practice information and are available in a variety of attractive templates. Plus, email reminders have the added ability of allowing your patient to confirm an appointment that is automatically updated in your appointment book. Postcards, like the automated emails, are great for continuing care reminders or appointment reminders. Best of all, Communication Manager can usually send postcard reminders for less than mailing them manually.

Appointment Manager
Included with Communication Manager is Appointment Manager. Appointment Manager places everything you need to manage a day’s appointments from one Web page that you can access from any computer with an Internet connection. From Appointment Manager you can view patient contact information, insurance information, eligibility status and more. You can even send an appointment reminder or update eligibility. Some of the functionality of the Appointment Manager requires enrollment for the Insurance Manager and Website Manager.

Referrals Made Easy
Communication Manager includes a patient satisfaction survey that is automatically emailed to your patient after an appointment. The survey gives a satisfied patient the opportunity to refer friends or family members to your practice. Communication Manager features professional referral capabilities that allow you to send and receive referrals from other dental professionals.

Unmatched Functionality
You’ll never be in the dark with Communication Manager. The online reports give up-to-date information on all your reminders, surveys and referrals. Plus, Communication Manager gives you the added opportunity to stay in touch with patients using the online electronic newsletter feature. No other communication tool can match Communication Manager for integration and features. Communication Manager will streamline your communications, modernize your processes and improve your professional image.

With Communication Manager, your practice will:

  • Reduce no-shows with robust reminder process
  • Reduce confirmation calls with automated confirmations
  • Improve front-office productivity with automated communications
  • Eliminate costly inventory with print-on-demand postcards
  • Increase patient base with friend and family referrals
  • Improve practice image with professional communications

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