Dental Experts’ new video shows Guru’s visual power

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Guru is pleased to announce a comprehensive partnership with the all-new Dental Entertainment Network (DEN), the premiere network of key opinion leaders in dentistry. The DEN has chosen Guru to pilot its October launch with online video endorsements, product tours and premium content. Guru joins the DEN’s mission to promote new and exciting dental solutions in an entertaining, informative way, with joint programs designed to educate dentists about the best products for their practice. Why do leading dentists and consultants like John Flucke and Chris Ramsay choose Guru for the best interactive patient education available? Watch the videos at to find out! Remember to select the Guru “Watch Video” button on the lower right of the site.

Henry Schein launches Guru with Spanish Support, Customizable Voiceovers and Automatic Updates!

Fully integrated with DENTRIX, Guru has everything any dentist needs to engage patients in their own treatment plans. With spectacular videos and images for nearly all dental conditions and procedures, patient flow and education with Guru is interactive, intuitive and easier than ever. Visual, engaging treatment presentations facilitate greater comprehension and case compliance. You can annotate, print or e-mail a presentation, and record your own audio to present topics – in Spanish and English. Automatic Updates ensure you’re never out of the loop. And Guru also provides three possible touch points for total patient education throughout your practice: In the reception area GuruTV shows quality education video even before they see you. In the operatory with Guru, of course, you shine as the dental guru you are. And at home, your patients can view topics of your choice via email or your practice Web site. Visit now to see how Guru helps you interact with patients to optimize treatment in your practice.

Offer: Purchase Guru before 12-31-09 and get a FREE 4-Lesson Case Presentation Course AND 90 day satisfaction guarantee!

Author: Holly Holm
Published: 10/23/2009
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