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A few years ago I sat down with a dental school friend of mine for our annual lunch together. The topic of the lunch was marketing. We had our friendly arguments regarding what works and what doesn’t work in our practices. He liked T.V. and radio; I liked direct mail. I was certain that I had the numbers to back up my claim that we were getting the return on our marketing dollars. My friend challenged me to prove it. How did I do? The good new is that I DID have the data I needed. Thanks to DENTRIX! The bad news is I was SHOCKED to learn that the marketing dollars I was spending were NOT giving me the return I thought. I was actually throwing money away and I did not even realize it. I vowed to change the way I monitored my marketing dollars.

Thankfully I learned my lesson two years ago. With bad economic news in the headlines almost daily, I am thankful that I have DENTRIX to quickly answer my questions about the effectiveness of my marketing dollars. Last August (in the face of gloom and doom from the media) we decided to RAMP UP our marketing. Now, I can accurately track the results in “real time” and make smart decisions. How did my direct mail piece contribute to my practice in the month of October? DENTRIX tells me in just a few clicks! How’s my T.V. spot doing? I can check in just seconds.

So, when times get tough and we start looking for the answers on how to survive the “down” economy…why not let DENTRIX tell us where to invest our dollars? Every marketing expert will tell you to continue to market your practice during the economic down–turn. Thanks to DENTRIX we can market with confidence.

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Author: Dr. Chris Hammond
Published: 10/16/2009
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