Editing Family Relations with Productivity Pack 6

With Productivity Pack 6, you do not have to close other DENTRIX modules to run the Family Edit. You can edit a family even if other DENTRIX modules are open. However, you must not have any of the family members selected in another DENTRIX module.

You can set a Head of House from the Edit menu in the Family File.

Tips & Tricks 1
  1. From the Family File, select the patient whose Head of House information needs to be changed.
  2. Select Edit | Set Head of House.
  3. Select the family member who you want to set as the new Head of House.
  4. Click Set HofH. HofH will appear next to the name of the patient that is set as the Head of House.

You can also move patients back and forth between two families as needed, add patients to a new family, or merge two families together.

Tips & Tricks 2
  1. From the Family File, select the patient whose family information needs to be changed.
  2. Select Edit | Edit Family Relations. The selected patient’s family appears in the Family 1 column.
    • If you want to merge two families, click the Family 2 button, select the guarantor of the new family, and click Merge.
    • If you want to make a family member from Family 1 the Head of House for a new family, select the patient you want to make the HofH, click Move, and Click Set HofH 2. You can then move other family members to the new family as necessary.

Log in to the Dentrix Resource Center to view the DENTRIX G4 Productivity Pack 6 release preview or to download the Productivity Pack 6 release document. Access to the Resource Center is free for DENTRIX practices on a customer service plan.

Author: Erin Brisk
Published: 11/03/2009
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