Henry Schein launches Guru 4.0

Now with the most exciting new features requested by you, Guru 4.0 tranforms patient interaction with the power of the web: dentists who leverage Guru connect with their patients on three separate levels for maximum access! In the lobby, GuruTV engages patients before they ever reach the chair. In the operatory with Guru, customizable playlists, drawing tools, and the patient’s own intraoral images ensure better treatment plan acceptance. And on the web with emailable narratives and presentations, patients can share oral care decisions, while dentists can publish customized videos and images on their own practice websites to spotlight their state-of-the-art interactive patient care.
Guru 4.0 Ensures that You:

  • CONNECT @ THE OFFICE: Increase patient comprehension with customizable English and Spanish narration in male or female voices! DENTRIX Presenter now automatically updates with your Guru animations. And with GuruTV in your lobby, patients view dynamic, engaging topics even before they see you.
  • CONNECT @ CHAIRSIDE: Drive case acceptance by enhancing your communication with Guru’s spectacular treatment presentations and procedure animation.
  • CONNECT @ HOME: Keep patients focused on your treatment! Send visual video playlists to patients’ homes to help them share oral care decisions. Post standard Guru animations or your customized presentations on your practice Web site, and make your expertise available 24/7! A great tool for building patient loyalty.
  • CONNECT WITH GURU…EFFORTLESSLY: Stay in the Guru loop with automatic updates, only available with your Content Enhancement Plan. You now automatically receive two new animations per month!

Visit www.HowDoYouGuru.com/Features to learn more about how Guru 4.0 connects you to your patients in the office, chairside and online!

Author: Holly Holm
Published: 11/20/2009
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