What do the numbers say? Are Patients Keeping Appointments?

Sikka Software Corporation is tracking over 6,000 dental installations and hundreds of business and clinical variables in real time. The results are amazing for the year 2009. Dentists actual production to scheduled production is tracking better than 2008. This shows more accurate treatment planning, better treatment acceptance and a clear confidence increase among US dental patients.

Graph 1

Here is more information that corroborates this trend. More patients are accepting reappointments. Patients reappointed is seeing a steady increase from the beginning of the year.

Graph 2

Doctor's Gross Production
Here is perhaps the best news of all. Doctor’s gross production in 2009 in the last 3 months is rebounding and after a slower summer is at better levels than 2008! Hygienists gross production is trending at the same levels and is steady.

Graph 3

Gross Production Per Visit
For a while 2009 seemed to be following the downward trend of 2008 for gross production per visit. The last 3 months have bucked that and actually shown a very healthy rise. This is again due to better acceptance of treatment plans by patients and better execution by the dental offices.

Graph 4

So why is the gross production per visit going up? The bigger ticket items are making a comeback!! Direct restorations are generally insurance paid and are steady throughout the year, but notice the Indirect restorations as a percentage of comprehensive exams!! The last three months are singing a beautiful song!!

Graph 5

The Hygiene Story
There is mixed news on this front. Locally Applied Antimicrobials (example Arestin® and others) are being used more and more on SRP patients. Average has now exceeded 2 teeth for total quads of SRP.

Graph 6

But SRPs to Prophys have lost momentum in the second half of 2009. In addition, it is at lower levels that it was at the same time in 2008.

Graph 7

Another interesting trend is the Bite Wing X-rays to Prophy ratio is dropping and is now lower than 2008 numbers.

Graph 8

Finally, an interesting observation on recall effectiveness: After languishing at below 2008 numbers for most of the year, it is finally starting to build and has now caught up with the 2008 levels. All these are positive affirmations that more and more patients are keeping appointments.

Graph 9

This is a series of articles that share with you what you can do to help identify each element of your practice and use tools such as Dental Practice Optimizer Lite Free Trial by Sikka Software let you do that in conjunction with your practice management system and your financial system. Keep reading and keep that feedback coming please. vijay@sikkasoft.com

Author: Vijay Sikka
Published: 02/12/2010
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