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Over the past year, we’ve listened carefully to your requests and worked with some of the dental industry’s leading practice management consultants to refine and enhance our award-winning practice management solution. Now, all those improvements are available to you through a simple, unobtrusive software upgrade. By moving to Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 7 today, you’ll gain instant access to an impressive list of time- and cost-saving new features:

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Improve Your Business with Your Own Practice Advisor
The Dentrix Practice Advisor is a unique new feature that compiles your data into concise, easy-to-read report that is designed specifically to help you stay on top of your practice’s financial health. This powerful new tool analyzes your office’s production, collections, continuing care, schedule, case acceptance and patient and referral management all in one single report so you can review your practice’s strengths and opportunities. The Practice Advisor also includes benchmarks and suggestions developed by top practice management consultants to improve your office operations. The Dentrix Practice Advisor gives you an effective new way to instantly transform complex data into actionable information that will help your practice become more efficient and profitable.

Practice Advisor Graphs

Make More Efficient Use of Your Operatories
With Productivity Pack 7, you can use the Dentrix Appointment Book to close individual operatories for a few hours, an entire day, or several days for team training, equipment installations, or other activities. This convenient new feature automatically removes closed operatories from the normal scheduling rotation, makes it easy to schedule specific operatories for a variety of non-treatment activities, and keeps your Appointment Book organized and optimized—even when operatories are out of commission.

Streamline Fee Schedule Changes and Updates
Productivity Pack 7 streamlines and automates the process of updating individual appointments with new fee schedule information. Every time you update your fee schedules, you can globally update the amounts for every procedure in your Appointment Book with a single of your mouse—without deleting and recreating each individual appointment.

Track Complete Appointment Histories
The updated Dentrix Appointment Book now gives you the ability to track the complete history of every appointment, including the original creation date and any subsequent changes and updates. You can even generate informative reports that provide complete appointment histories for specific ranges of patients, dates, providers, and operatories.

Access Patient Information more Quickly
Productivity Pack 7 features a new “hover window” in the Appointment Book that allows you to view important patient information by simply mousing over any appointment. This gives you quicker, more efficient access to detailed patient information directly from the Appointment Book without opening additional modules. Appointment Book “hover windows” are completely customizable. You choose exactly what information appears, and you can turn the feature off if you don’t need it.

Appointment Book hover window

Move Appointments more Easily with an Enhanced Pinboard
Dentrix has always made it easy to move appointments—by simply dragging an appointment to the Pinboard and then dragging it to a new date and time. Productivity Pack 7 takes this convenient feature to the next level by allowing you to store multiple appointments on the Pinboard at the same time. This streamlines your scheduling process by making it even easier to move and manage many different appointments at once.

Take Advantage of Expanded Appointment Book Printing Options
Productivity Pack 7 enhances and expands your ability to print different Appointment Book views. For example, you can set up and save multiple custom print views; print views for a specific day, week, or month; specify the number of copies you want to print; and tell Appointment Book to exclude hours or days when your practice is closed.

Get the Help You Need more Quickly
An enhanced Dentrix Help menu now includes a new “Chat with Support” option, which gives you direct, instant access to a highly trained Dentrix customer service representative. This convenient new option makes it easy to contact support, begin a live chat session, and resolve your questions quickly and efficiently. Productivity Pack 7 also features updated help files that combine individual content from all the different modules into one comprehensive, integrated Help index. This makes it easy to find and access all the information you need—without digging through separate Help menus in individual modules.

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Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 7 is ready to help you manage your front office more efficiently and improve your bottom line. For more information about the enhancements and improvements in Productivity Pack 7—and exactly what they mean for your practice—call 1-800-DENTRIX or visit www.Dentrix.com.

Author: Travis Dalley
Published: 03/02/2010
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