What’s Coming in Dentrix G6

Over the past several months, the Dentrix team has continued to look for ways to work closer with you and keep you up to date on what we are doing. The Dentrix MyVoice site (myvoice.dentrix.com) provides the latest information about requests that are currently in development and features we are exploring for future projects. In addition to what we have already stated on our MyVoice site, I would like to take this opportunity to describe the features we are finalizing for our next release: Dentrix G6.

Dentrix G6 Features

By far the most exciting enhancement in our next release is the ability to split payments by family member. With over 2,300 votes on Dentrix MyVoice, this is the #1 customer requested enhancement for Dentrix. This new functionality will allow you to post payments for multiple family members and providers from the same screen, eliminating the need to post multiple payments for the same family visit.

With 1,700 votes, enhancements to medical alerts ranked fifth on the list of most requested feature on MyVoice. The changes we’re making to medical alerts will allow you to save a new medical alert note for a given patient, expanding the ability to accurately track any medical conditions your patients may have. You will also have the ability to copy a patient’s medical alerts to that patient’s clinical notes. For those who are using Questionnaires, you will have the ability to copy a note from a questionnaire to the patient’s medical alert note. Additionally, a new option lets you include the patient medical alert notes in the Patient Notes Report.

We have also made it possible for multiple providers to be associated with one appointment. This was the eleventh most popular request on MyVoice, with over 1,200 votes. In order to accomplish this, we added a new field to the Appointment dialog box where you can specify an additional provider. When setting the appointment complete, Dentrix will allow you to select which provider is associated with each procedure (so you and your staff don’t have to remember to change it in the Ledger or Chart afterwards).

The list of new enhancements and changes certainly doesn’t stop here, as these are just a highlight of the top requested features. To see more of what to expect with G6, please visit the “What’s Coming” page on the Dentrix Website. As you can see, Dentrix G6 will be an amazing release! If you are interested in being a beta customer based on the features you’ve read about, please send an email with your customer ID and contact information to our beta coordinator at beta.dentrix@henryshein.com. We would love to get as much feedback on the new software features as possible before we release. We greatly appreciate all of your feedback and ideas as we work to improve Dentrix. We are excited about the future and look forward to reviewing and implementing your requests and other enhancements to help you run a better, more efficient dental business.

Author: Brad Royer, Dentrix Product Manager
Published: 10/31/2014
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