Ready, Set, Know—with Dentrix Mastery Tracks

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into building the practice you have today—and that includes investing in the right people to be on your team and the right technology to run your business. Now there’s an exciting new opportunity to get even more out of your investments with Dentrix Mastery Tracks™.

This easy, convenient program can help knowledgeable staff become Dentrix specialists who will take more pride than ever in their jobs well done. And it turns your Dentrix practice management software into the super-tool that can lift your business to a whole new level of profitability and success.

Skills Assessment for Every Dentrix Professional

Dentrix Mastery Tracks presents a unique approach to skills training. With topics and tracks that align with key job functions, it assesses your team’s knowledge of Dentrix, and shows where they need improvement. Then we make it easy to fill in any knowledge gaps with a wealth of targeted training resources.

Every member of your team can benefit from this program, with four specific “tracks” to match various roles and responsibilities:

  • Front Office Mastery Track – Discover your team’s ability to effectively, efficiently create and maintain detailed patient and family records, schedule appointments, manage patient correspondence and coordinate continuing care.
  • Financial Mastery Track – Assess the skills of your financial managers, insurance and billing coordinators and anyone else who maintains financial information, processes payments or works with insurance claims.
  • Practice Analysis Mastery Track – Learn where practice administrators and office managers can boost their skills to maximize the benefits of the extensive practice analysis, reporting and security features in Dentrix.
  • Clinical Mastery Track – See how the dentists, dental assistants, hygienists and other team members who are directly involved with clinical care and treatment planning put Dentrix to use with features such as charting, progress and clinical notes and other tools in Dentrix that help improve patient care.

A Win-Win for Your Entire Practice

With Dentrix Mastery Tracks, dentists and office managers can find more qualified applicants with convenient 24/7 evaluations of their Dentrix skills. And when team members are familiar with more features of Dentrix, your practice is more productive and patients receive more efficient care.

Your front office team, assistants and hygienists will benefit from the satisfaction of improving their skills and becoming a more valuable asset to your practice. They’ll be able to earn trust and greater responsibility by gaining certificates in new areas.

Start Your Success Today

It’s easy to get started in minutes:

  1. Visit
  2. Help your team select the tests and tracks that match their duties
  3. Complete Mastery Tracks tests at your convenience

Is your team ready for your success? With Dentrix Mastery Tracks, they will be. Learn more today at

Author: Tatia Meghdadi, Marketing Manager, Practice Education & Strategic Events
Published: 10/31/2014
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