Feel Confident about Your Data Backups

With so much vital information being digitally stored on computers, nothing is more important to your practice than the security of that data. But how do you know your data is safe?

eBackUp has made it easy for any office to check the logs so you can be confident that your data was backed up successfully.

Open eBackUp on the computer manages your backups. Across the top are tabs for all the locations within the eBackUp software. Click on the tab labeled Logs. Here you can view up to 100 of the most recent backups. Each line informs you of the date it ran, how many files it scanned, how many files were backed up, as well as any errors or warnings that resulted. To make the process of checking your logs even easier, we’ve placed an indicator light next to each log. The light has three color possibilities: Green, Orange and Red.

A green light indicates the backup was completed successfully without any errors or warnings. You can be confident that your backup was successful.

An orange light means that the eBackUp software encountered some warnings. Usually this is no cause for alarm, but if your logs are getting warnings on every backup, you can contact our helpful support team to see if those warnings can be resolved.

And finally, the red light. This indicates that errors occurred during the process and it’s likely that your data backup is incomplete. If a successful backup occurred after the questionable backup, then any missing files will have been collected at that time. If you get multiple errors or wish to ask additional questions about eBackUp, we invite you to contact support for assistance.

We’re always happy to assist you.

Support for eBackUp can be reached at 800-734-5561.

(Additional information about each backup can be accessed by double-clicking on the logs for that date and scrolling to the bottom of the page to see a summary of the details.)

Author: Adam Nott
Published: 11/30/2014
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