In 2010, Guru targets EVERY practice’s unique needs with powerful, tailored solutions for every communication method. There is much more to educating patients than just playing videos: Why not send them to your website with Guru Web? Follow-up with spectacular videos and animations post-visit with Guru Email? With GuruTV 2010, patient wait time is never wasted. Guru Libraries even feature smart integrations with Dentrix Presenter to maximize the value of technology your practices already know. Helping doctors create and nurture healthier patients, in and out of the office, Guru now has customizable solution packages designed for every educational need in every unique dental practice.

Guru Libraries

Connect with Patients Chairside:
Use Your Dentrix Presenter to increase case acceptance with professional, animated Guru treatment presentations based directly on the DENTRIX treatment plan.

Guru TV
Connect With Patients While They Wait:
Focus patient "down time" in your practice with GuruTV 2010 as a fun, engaging background education tool.                      

Guru Email

Connect With Patients Online:
Drive more patient visits and easy-access education with impressive Guru animations on your Web site. Boost awareness, comfort and patient acceptance with your proposed treatments when you connect with patients via regular email.

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Published: 03/16/2010
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