Dentrix Mobile Available for Public Beta

If you’re a doctor who is on-the-go and wants to stay in touch with your practice, here’s an excellent opportunity to help us make this new feature great!

To become a beta tester for Dentrix Mobile, simply log in here, and follow the onscreen instructions to sign up.

Dentrix Mobile lets you view the same practice information and patient data available on your office computers right on your Blackberry Tour and BlackBerry Storm, iPhone, or Palm Pre. Now you can have even greater access to time- and cost-saving information that can streamline the way you run your practice. Dentrix Mobile allows you to:

  • View appointment schedules
  • Search appointments by provider or by patient
  • Read patient information including contact information, prescriptions, medical alerts, past appointments and future appointments.

Become a beta tester today and help us create the mobile tools you need to stay in touch with your practice.

Published: 04/06/2010
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