Dental Wings® Becomes DDX Enabled™

Dental Wings is a leading global manufacturer of dental CAD/CAM technology, with scanners to meet the needs of any dental practice or dental lab. Dental Wings technology scans models and impressions, whether you simply scan, scan and design, or scan, design and mill your cases. From the high volume production dental laboratory to the single site dental practice the Dental Wings product line will meet the unique needs of your business.

We’re very excited to announce that Dental Wings will be rolling out updates to their complete product line at the Chicago Mid-Winter Dental Show and the LMT Lab Day Show in late February 2010 to make all of their technologies DDX Enabled.

What does this mean for users (or prospective users) of DDX and the Dental Wings system? Currently the Dental Wings system, as is the case for other CAD/CAM technologies, operates outside the practice management software and the lab management software. Dental Wings scans are not tied to the management software applications and are not associated with their case detail. Historically, full case details have been visible from the practice or lab management software, but as more and more amazing dental technologies are introduced, components of the case become scattered across the computer network in the practice and the lab. Not being able to access complete case details from a single location leads to inefficiency and can even result in increased remakes, more patient appointment rebookings and a deterioration of the quality of patient care.

In addition to integrating files into practice management and lab management software, the Dental Wings/DDX integration also significantly improves system ease of use. If you have case details in your practice management software, or in your digital lab prescription, why should you need to type much of the same information into your CAD/CAM system (or vice versa)? DDX and Dental Wings scanners now talk to one another and automatically share the appropriate information to eliminate the duplication of data entry!

DDX also includes an advanced communication platform that monitors the state of cases and can send out alerts to appropriate practice and lab team members as updates are made to a case. The Dental Wings integration also ties into these tools so that practice and lab staff persons can be automatically alerted as scan files arrive or case details are updated.

Dental Wings is a pioneer in open architecture design for dentistry and understands the value of sharing information across technologies. Henry Schein has been a trusted dental technology provider for over 20 twenty years and is a major driver behind digital dentistry.

Author: Holly Holm
Published: 04/20/2010
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