How to attract patients in an uncertain economy.

With our current economic situation, the tendency is to tighten the purse strings and look for ways to cut costs. If your billings are down, this is probably a good idea. Where you cut costs however should be carefully weighed and measured.

You are lucky to be in the dental industry. While it is an industry that can be effected by a slow economy, you still offer a needed product. One that is more resilient to the winds of economic change. Using your resources wisely can set you up to not only prosper in the current economy but place yourself in a leadership position as we emerge from these slow times.

This brings us back to marketing. The tendency when cutting costs is to cut marketing, or even get rid of it altogether. While we believe you should be extra picky about how you use your marketing dollar, marketing through a rough economy has been proven wise and can actually be more effective in the long run than marketing in a robust economy. History shows that those companies that market through a down economy, are not only more likely to survive, but also gain market share and as a result thrive in the long run. Those companies that stop marketing often times don't survive the downturn.

Understanding this, it now becomes important to market very smartly. To help with this we have produced a white paper that will increase your understanding about the factors that drive purchase decisions and create perceptions. It also conveys ideas on what can be done about economy driven perceptions and changes to a patients purchasing power.

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Author: Doug Sligting
Published: 04/24/2009
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