New Kiosk Tutorial

Kiosk eliminates the need to manually enter patient information, improves the accuracy of your patient information, expedites your appointment process, and enhances your practice image.

Kiosk uses your Dentrix Questionnaires and consent forms; when you upload the questionnaire and patient appointments to eCentral, Kiosk will find patients with an appointment that day. When patients sign in they can update their existing information and complete new forms. Once the forms are complete, your front desk is notified and your patients' responses appear in the Dentrix Questionnaires module. From there you can import updated or new information into the Family File.

By having your patients update and enter their own information, Kiosk reduces key-punch errors and eliminates errors resulting from the translation of poor handwriting. The result is more accurate and up-to-date patient files.

View the Kiosk tutorial to learn how to set up and use Kiosk.

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Author: Alan Nelson
Published: 04/20/2010
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