DDX: The Power of Open Integration

DDX offers dental practices and labs powerful functionality to increase efficiency, customer service, and profitability. DDX accomplishes this via robust open integrations with practice and lab management software, specifically Labnet lab management software (LMS) and Dentrix practice management software (PMS). Labnet is the leading lab management software, used by over 1,250 leading dental labs in the United States, and Dentrix leads the practice management market with over 43,000 integrated practices.

Dentrix practices should think of DDX as a web-based tool for managing their dental lab accounts, with real-time access to reliable case and billing information. Labs use DDX to make their own processes transparent for clients, resulting in superior service and turnarounds when instant, automated communications reduce human error and involvement.

The Power of DDX
DDX eliminates lab data entry errors from the traditional handwritten RX by bringing that responsibility home to your practice. Practices submit the original digital RX’s via DDX, which are then integrated into Labnet. In other words, the original data entry is actually done by the practice. When submitting cases via DDX, you can instantly receive your case return data, which DDX generates automatically based on the lab’s current production capacity. These case return dates are much more reliable than the traditional “fixed” turnaround times. As a result, patient appointment rebooking caused by late lab casework is virtually eliminated. Lab work quality also improves and case remakes decline because labs are now managing their case scheduling and technicians more effectively. A reduction in patient appointment rescheduling and improved lab case quality means smoother patient flow, higher satisfaction, improved practice profitability and superior oral healthcare for DDX-enabled practices and labs.

Through DDX, Dentrix practices can also access real-time lab billing details, including 30/60/90 day balances. Any past statement can be accessed. Cases are associated with their invoices, and invoices are associated with statements, streamlining answers to common billing questions. Because DDX is web-based and accessible through any common internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) with no software to install, your data is easily accessible for your finance manager, regardless of location.

3rd Party Technology
Dentistry has seen significant technological advances which will dramatically improve patient care, including digital impression and CAD/CAM fabrication. However, with case details entered into disparate new systems, practices and labs can no longer access all case details from their management software. To resolve this drop in visibility, Henry Schein Practice Solutions maintains an open integration policy for DDX, which is already configured to automatically update any integrated management software.

With next-generation workflow and ebilling capabilities, along with groundbreaking technologies brought to the fold on an ongoing basis, DDX continues to push boundaries with complete central access to all relevant case details, regardless of the operating system. In the age of the digital highway, DDX pioneers collaborative integration with dentists and labs alike to drive digital progress, efficiency and profitability for your business.

Ready to get started? Visit www.ddxdental.com today to find labs in your area that are DDX Enabled!

Henry Schein Practice Solutions owns several leading practice management software (PMS) applications including Dentrix, Easy Dental, DentalVision Enterprise, OMSVision, PersioVision and EndoVision. Over 43,000 dental practices in the United States run at least one version of our management software. Henry Schein Practice Solutions also owns Labnet. While DDX allows any practice to communicate with any dental lab regardless of the LMS or PMS they run, the Labnet integration maximizes DDX efficiency and optimizes quality gains for practices and labs.

Author: Holly Holm
Published: 05/04/2010
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