Announcing New Electronic Payers

New Payers
Adding new entries to our list of payers for eClaims, attachments and eligibility verification is one of our top priorities. The following are the most recent additions from those ongoing efforts. These latest additions are effective as of April 24, 2010.

The following payers are now accepting eClaims:

Payer ID              Payer Name

39148              Southeast Dental Associates
52133              APIPA Dental Benefit Providers
59266              Volusia Health Network
CX096              Family Dental
CX097              Access Dental
76578              Solstice Benefits
95340              Adventist Health System (Roseville, CA)
CX101             Carpenters Health & Welfare Find of PA

The Following Payors are now accepting electronic Attachments:

Payer ID              Payer Name

CX083             Liberty Dental
76578             Solstice Benefits
CX019             Health Resources
CX088            Surency Life & Health

Watch the Dentrix eNewsletter for more additions as the list continues to expand.

New Payer Search Tool
Dentrix users have a new tool for researching electronic payer connectivity. Now it’s easy to see which payers accept electronic claims and attachments or provide electronic insurance eligibility verification. It even identifies those payers providing real-time data exchange.

Searches can be conducted using the payer ID or payer name. The results can even be exported as an Excel file for the creation of a customized list.

The payer search tool can be found on the eClaims and eCentral Insurance Manager web pages on the Dentrix website or by clicking here and adding it to your favorites.

Author: Damon Graves
Published: 05/04/2010
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