New Dentrix Presenter Tutorial

Using the Dentrix Presenter you can help your patients understand why a proposed treatment is necessary and how it will be performed. Patients who understand their dental needs and treatment options are more likely to accept proposed treatment cases.

Each case presentation is based on a customizable outline template. Using the outline templates, the Presenter will automatically create case presentations for you that you can further customize as you see fit.

Dentrix comes with several patient education topics that describe some of the most common treatment. You can supplement these topics with your own custom content as well as Guru Libraries. Guru Libraries are groups of professionally created, easy-to-understand animations and images that can be installed directly into Dentrix.

Visit the Dentrix Resource Center today and view the new tutorial, “Using the Dentrix Presenter,” to learn how to set up the Dentrix Presenter, create and distribute case presentations, and use Guru Libraries in your case presentations. Access to the Dentrix Resource Center is free for Dentrix practices on a customer service plan.

Published: 07/20/2010
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