Guru Speeds Practice Growth In a Recovering Economy

The Great Recession is abating, but many dentists are just now feeling the slowdown as it ripples to basic oral care. But there’s good news: Guru and Dentrix can help!

According to a December 2008 Clinician’s Report article, patient education is the number one way to continue driving growth in a slow or recovering economy. Guru is not only the most cost-effective patient education system on the market, it is also specifically designed to drive business exposure and connect you to patients in totally new ways—expanding your market reach in ways unprecedented for a patient education tool.

With exciting new libraries for the Dentrix Presenter, award-winning Guru animations on your practice website, emailable playlists that expand your patient reach beyond the office visit and even a cutting-edge Guru for iPad app, Guru creates a totally unique practice experience that will keep patients coming back.

Guru’s powerful new connection tools help you reach patients wherever they interact with your practice.

  • Connect in the office: Bring Guru Libraries for Dentrix Presenter, all of Guru’s Stop, Draw and Teach capabilities, and many other Guru and Dentrix capabilities directly to any iPad—and for a limited time, get a FREE iPad and Guru for iPad app with your purchase!
  • Connect online: Enhance a patient’s first impression of your practice by providing compelling website content to explain your service offerings.
  • Connect at home: With animations on your website and emailable playlists that keep patients focused on your treatment plan, Guru expands your patient reach beyond the visit and helps them share decisions with family members.

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Author: Holly Holm
Published: 07/20/2010
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