eService Training

The implementation of any new service into the daily routines of a dental office should not be taken lightly. Most new services tout themselves as a “time-saving, money-making” service that the dental office simply cannot survive without. However, without the proper training and pre-planning, these services do not get used to their fullest potential and end up costing both time and money, not to mention the additional stress that the team experiences. With this in mind, Henry Schein Practice Solutions has several methods for not only training the “how to” but also the “best practice” and “why” on its’ offered eServices.

The eServices, or electronic services, that HSPS has to offer provide powerful tools that maximize the efficiency of the Hygiene department, the billing department, the scheduling department, and the clinical team. These eServices are truly “time-saving” and “money-making” if they are implemented into the routines of the office without disrupting the existing flow of the office.

Through the use of HSPS Certified Trainers, the dental office can receive practical training from an experienced trainer who has used these products in the business of dentistry. The trainer has a wide breadth of knowledge and is thus able to apply the use of the eServices to a variety of situations and in all kinds of dental clinics. After training the “how to” of the eService, the trainer will be able to help implement this new service into the routine of the office. There are many ways to use the eServices, and the trainer will be able to help decide the “best practice” on how to use those services to the betterment of each clinic.

Another tool that HSPS has available as an ongoing source for training is the digital Help files that documents the different functions of the eServices. These Help files are comprehensive and make a great tool for ongoing training and refresher trainings for the dental office.

HSPS also provides the Dentrix Resource Center. It includes interactive, on-demand tutorials about several eServices, including eClaims, QuickBill, PowerPay, and PowerPay LE.

Finally, the HSPS eService support team is always willing and eager to provide answers for those offices that have questions on the use of the eServices. The support team has access to the most recent upgrades of the eServices and undergoes continuing education frequently to keep each tech up to date on those services that are available.

With the continuing growth of the family of eServices, HSPS is constantly evaluating its’ own “best practices” on how to not only train each service, but on how to implement the service into the daily routine of the dental office.

Author: Jason McKnight, HSPS Coaching Manager
Published: 08/17/2010
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