Improve Case Acceptance with Dentrix Presenter

Patients often make decisions about whether they will come to you or go to someone else based on their first impression of your practice, and this often means your team members—hygienists or assistants. Beyond a friendly greeting and a fast check-in, a critical aspect of patient retention is how you and your team convey your treatment recommendations once the exam is complete. You don’t need to spend time and budget purchasing expensive or training-intensive new software: just use what you already have. The Dentrix Presenter offers the easiest way to train your whole practice on making their own treatment presentations, using ¬†technology you—and they—already know. The Presenter is a major resource for your team to make a recognizable difference in revenue, and it’s easy to get started with one click.

Remember: it costs much more to find a new client than it does to nurture an existing one. Think of your assistants as extensions of yourself—ultimately their goals and responsibilities are the same as yours: to achieve better patient health. In fact, your treatment proposal is often begun by a team member who handles basic, preventive care. This is an essential role for your practice, both financially and professionally. When you provide tools like Presenter that enable your team to reach patients in multiple ways inside and outside the practice, you dramatically increase your ability to keep patients focused on their needed treatment and your offered services.

Your Dentrix Presenter gives you the potential to make polished, effective treatment discussions a natural part of every exam. Even better, Guru Libraries is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Dentrix Presenter to make case presentations even more interactive and customizable. You and your team can read patient reactions and interact with a visual presentation explaining their exact needs, all as they sit in front of you. With Guru Libraries installed into the Dentrix Presenter, you can:

  • Easily upload Guru videos and animations into the Presenter.
  • Quickly create professional, animated treatment presentations that feature Guru animations, patient X-rays and intraoral images, as well as your own notes and illustrations.
  • Automatically generate tailored multimedia case presentations based on your own treatment plan procedure codes.
  • Save time and reduce training costs by making treatment presentations an integrated part of your existing Dentrix system.

For example, if a patient needs a filling, show the patient’s own intraoral images from Dentrix on the same screen as a high-quality Guru animation of tooth decay progression—a great way to create a sense of urgency. Even better, these tools allow your team to prepare patients for treatment acceptance on their own without your supervision, by simply showing videos and animations of good hygiene practices for everything from brushing and braces to specialty work like crowns. Your team can make a recognizable difference in treatment acceptance with little to no learning curve involved.

Once patients understand that you and your team make a custom treatment presentation as part of every exam, they’ll see that you know their personal needs better than anyone else. You’ve created a relationship of respect and trust that keeps patients coming back.

Getting Started with the Dentrix Presenter

In the Presenter, each case presentation is based on a customizable outline template. Using the outline templates, the Presenter will automatically create case presentations that you can further customize as you see fit.

Dentrix comes with several patient education topics that describe some of the most common treatments. You can supplement these topics with your own custom content as well as a sample collection of animations from Guru Libraries.

Visit the Dentrix Resource Center today and view the new tutorial, “Using the Dentrix Presenter,” to learn how to set up the Dentrix Presenter, create and distribute case presentations and use Guru animations in your case presentations. Access to the Dentrix Resource Center is free for Dentrix practices on a Customer Service Plan. Once you’re on your way, you can expand your customizable treatment presentations with Guru Libraries, available separately for specialty, hygiene, restorative and pediatric topics.

Author: Holly Holm, Campaign Strategist
Published: 08/17/2010
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