Dentrix Profitability Coaching at Dr. Trent Smallwood's office.

The Dentrix Profitability Coaching program is creating big wins for dental practices coast to coast.  Tammy McHood, Practice Diagnostics Product Manager at Henry Schein Practice Solutions, recently interviewed Becky Purcell, Office Manager for Dr. Trent Smallwood in Tempe, Arizona.  Dr. Smallwood has been using Dentrix for nearly 12 years and both he and his team have found great value in the Profitability Coaching Program and how it has helped drive efficiencies and profitability in his practice.

Tammy: What made you decide to sign up for the coaching program?

Becky: With different team members coming on over the years, it was obvious mistakes were being made that resulted in inefficient use of the system.


Tammy: What aspects of the coaching program have helped your practice the most?

Becky: There are too many aspects to list. Our coach uncovered so many items that we were using incorrectly and many functions that we were not using at all. 

Tammy: What impact has the coaching program had on your practice?

Becky: Knowing the system allows us to be much more efficient and accurate.

Tammy: Would you recommend this coaching program to other dental practices? If yes, why?

Becky: Absolutely. We all do the normal daily things and get into a routine of how the software works, but with the coaching we are now using functions we didn’t even know existed, let alone how to use them.

Tammy: What would you say to practices that are struggling or cutting back expenses who might be reluctant to invest in the coaching program?

Becky: There is an upfront investment; however, the tools that we have been trained to utilize have already helped us recover that investment, just from helping us understand and use the program when estimating benefits for a patient.

Tammy: What changes have you made to your practice as a result of your coaching program?

Becky: Before the program I felt I could not trust the system with regard to continuing care and insurance reimbursement, to name a couple. I always had to manually recheck these items before speaking to the patient about them. Now I can trust these functions to be correct based on how the team is maintaining them.

Tammy: What was your greatest “a-ha” moment during the coaching program?

Becky: There were many, to be honest. I think the biggest one was how things like notes and patient conversations were being posted to the ledger incorrectly. And now that we know there is a designated place for all notes depending on the topic—for instance, financial versus treatment—it is very easy for everyone to know where to look at any given time. Another one was finding out how many true, active patients we have. You base many things on this number and it needs to be accurate and stay accurate.

Tammy: How easy was it to fit the coaching program into your already-busy schedule?

Becky: Our schedule is extremely busy but our coach was great about working around it and making the training convenient for us.

Tammy: Did you and your staff participate in the coaching calls?

Becky: The majority of the coaching calls were taken by the front-office team members and they would instruct the back-office team at a later time.

Tammy: The price of the coaching program is $1575. In your opinion, what kind of return on investment do you feel the coaching program provides?

Becky: Honestly, that fee is easily justified by the confidence of knowing you are giving a patient an accurate treatment plan and knowing that they won’t be coming back later, upset because the insurance estimate was grossly inaccurate. This coaching is priceless and if you want your team to work more efficiently and to actually use the software to its fullest potential, you must consider this tool.

Dr. Trent Smallwood has been practicing dentistry since 1998 and specializes in cosmetic dentistry. He is the author of Platinum Paradigm, a book designed to aid dentists, patients and ceramists in the art of smile design. Visit his site at

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Author: Tammy McHood
Published: 09/21/2010
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