Ensure Your Time Zone Is Accurate

From time to time we hear from practices that the actual time on an eCentral email appointment reminder is not accurate, causing a lot of frustration for practices and patients. Obviously, if the practice and patient times are not in synch, appointments will be missed and time and money is wasted for both parties.

These appointment scheduling issues are directly related to the Time Zone settings either at the practice or on the patient’s computer or mobile device. Here are some instructions to ensure that Time Zone settings are accurate.

Step 1:

Log into eCentral. Under the Home tab, click on Account Settings. Find the Time Zone drop-down menu and select your specific time zone. You can also click on the “Adjust time for daylight savings” box, if you live in a daylight savings area of the country.

eCentral Time Zone Screen Shot

Step 2:

Inform your patients to check their Google, Yahoo or Outlook calendars to make sure the Time Zone setting is accurate and/or is adjusted for a daylight savings time zone.

Urge your patients who travel frequently with smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices to check the Auto Adjust feature so when they travel in and out of the area of your practice, the time zone will adjust with them.

Author: Bruce Herbert, eServices Product Marketing Manager
Published: 05/31/2015
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