DENTRIX CDT 2011/2012 Update

DENTRIX CDT 2011/2012 Update
Listed below are the steps necessary to obtain and install the Dentrix CDT 2011/2012 Update. This year’s update is unusual in that there is no new claim format, and only eight codes have been added.

Note: The update is available only for customers using version G4 with Productivity Pack 8.

Dentrix Customers on an Active Customer Service Plan
A utility is available, via the Smart Updates feature that will automatically update the Dentrix software with the CDT 2011/2012 codes. The CDT 2011/2012 update utility is also available on a disk and can be purchased by calling sales at 1-800-DENTRIX. The price of the CD is $14.95, which covers the cost of shipping and handling.

Dentrix Customers Not on an Active Customer Service Plan
To order the CDT 2011/2012 Update Disk at a cost of $59.95, or to find out more about Dentrix Customer Service Plans, call sales at 1-800-DENTRIX.

How to Install the Update for G4 Productivity Pack 8
To install using the Dentrix Quick Launch feature:
1. Right-click on Dentrix Quick Launch in the notification area of the Windows task bar and choose Updates > Check for Updates. The CDT 2011/2012 Update should appear as an optional update.
2. Place a checkmark next to CDT 2011/2012 and click Yes to install the update.

To install from the Internet:
1. Go to
2. Click Download the CDT 2011/2012 update utility.
3. Under Download the CDT Update, enter your customer ID and serial number. (The serial number can be found in the About Dentrix dialog box under Help > About Dentrix.)
4. Click Submit.
5. On the CDT Update page, click Download the CDT Update.
6. In the File Download box, click Run to install the CDT 2011/2012 Update.

Note: It is only necessary to install the update on one computer on the network.

How to Update Versions G4 Productivity Pack 7 and Prior
For Dentrix users with versions prior to G4 Productivity Pack 8, the eight codes can be added by following the directions from our online knowledgebase, which also includes information about the
new codes. Simply go to and enter in your customer ID and ZIP Code to log in, and search for article #50270.

If you’re not on a Customer Service Plan and would like to access the online knowledgebase, please call 1-800-DENTRIX to speak with one of our sales representatives and sign up for a Dentrix Customer Service Plan.

Where are the New CDT 2011/2012 Codes?
The CDT 2011/2012 procedure codes will be added to Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Procedure Code Setup. The fees must be entered manually for these new codes. If you have any questions about downloading or installing this update, please feel free to contact support at 1-800-DENTRIX.

Published: 12/21/2010
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