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Dental office work includes communicating a steady stream of messages between the various staff and clinicians. It seems like a good chunk of the day is spent finding the right person and delivering the message.

There are a number of clever systems created for sending messages: color-coded lights, intercoms, public address systems, sticky notes and the old standby—yelling down the hall.

The variety of messaging systems is an indication of the unmet need of dental offices looking for that one system that will satisfy their messaging requirements. Fortunately for Dentrix customers, there is now Dentalink™—an instant messaging system designed specifically for dental practices.

Dentalink is available with Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 8. The system runs in the eSync environment, so you can get it by downloading eSync 3.1 (free to customers on a Customer Service Plan) and installing Dentalink through the eSync Plug-in Manager.

Once eSync is installed, you can set it up by naming the Dentalink client on each machine with readily identifiable names such as “Operatory 1.” Next you can populate the system with Quick Messages, canned text that lets users send routine messages with a single mouse click. You can type in messages like "Your next patient has arrived" or “Patient in Operatory #2 is prepped” for easy transmission.

If you’re not sure where the intended recipient is, you can send the message to all clients on the network. This lets you go on with your work while Dentalink delivers the message.

As the most popularly requested feature on MyVoice, Dentalink is sure to please Dentrix users. If you haven’t installed it yet, don’t wait. Download eSync here and get started with Dentalink today.

Author: Jay Wood
Published: 08/25/2011

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