Speed Up Lab Prescriptions with DDX

DDX has helped Dr. Peck increase:

  • Efficiency: Dr. Peck’s assistants have cut outgoing status calls to the lab by 30%
  • Profitability: By relying on the DDX case turnaround date, Dr. Peck schedules patient follow-up visits instantly—eliminating costly rebookings
  • More time focused on patients: DDX and Dentrix 4.8 let Dr. Peck complete a prescription, include digital files and book follow-up visits while still with the patient—dramatically speeding up the lab prescription process

About Dr. Fred Peck
Dr. Fred Peck is a third-generation dentist, continuing a family tradition of excellence in dentistry in the Cincinnati area. Patient care and comfort are of utmost importance to Dr. Peck, as they were for his father and grandfather. Dr. Peck and his team use Dentrix PP8 and DDX to speed up lab prescriptions, which increases efficiency, profitability and time spent focusing on patients.

In the Cincinnati area, Dr. Fred Peck is known for state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry. He has used Dentrix for many years, and his quality of care rests on the expertise of his professional staff and a longstanding, highly efficient relationship with his lab, Preferred Dental Ceramics (PDC). Together, Dr. Peck and PDC combine vision with sophisticated materials to achieve inspired results.

"Preferred Dental Ceramics is fantastic, and I’ve been a happy customer of Dwight Rickert, CDT, for 20 years," says Dr. Peck. "Before Dentrix 4.8 with the DDX integration, our process was similar to most doctor/lab processes. We used to spend a ton of time writing out scripts, boxing up the impression scan, creating the shipping label, requesting a pickup. This is typical for any doctor and lab. Tracking is usually an issue, and we were always calling to check on cases. We would call and confirm that the case was done, when would it be delivered, etc. It was a multi-step process for just one case, and in a cosmetic dentistry practice, we have many cases to manage."

Dr. Peck upgraded to PP8 at the first opportunity. The update process was very easy, with training scheduled for his staff to review new features. "We use the Daily Huddle, the improved appointment book options with event scheduling and the Patient Visit form—we love it all!"

DDX Solution
In 2008, Dr. Peck’s office was completely paperless—except for lab prescriptions. When Dr. Peck realized the advantages of DDX, his lab converted to software to allow this great communication tool to be fully utilized. “I’ve used DDX since 2008 to submit digital cases to my lab, but it’s always been a few clicks to get my prescriptions into Dentrix. So I was particularly excited about the DDX integration into Dentrix 4.8.

Find your DDX button in the main toolbar in Dentrix. Instantly start a new prescription by clicking DDX from the patient’s chart.

"Now, I can just click a button right in Dentrix, and the lab prescription is pre-populated with all my patient’s info. I attach an impression scan, click Submit, and I’m done. It takes seconds. It’s saved me and my team a huge amount of time with prescriptions," Dr. Peck says. "I’d say it’s cut 30% of our calls to check on return dates. And it’s free."

Combined, DDX and Dentrix 4.8 improve practice and lab communication by reducing phone time spent tracking down case details. This creates room for better productivity for both teams. Even better, Dr. Peck’s team can easily go back to look at past prescription cases for shade and material in DDX, rather than skimming through notes on the computer, trying to find the exact note that describes the details.

DDX and Dentrix also provide instant benefits to Dr. Peck’s patients right in the chair: Dr. Peck is now able to see exactly when a case will be back in DDX, and immediately schedule the patient’s follow-up visit in Dentrix.

"It’s always easier to have one program open and get everything you need right there. We now base patient follow-up visits on the DDX turnaround date. My lab remakes are close to zero, and we are able to provide a seamless experience for patients who need lab work. This comforts nervous patients, and increases efficiencies for my team and Dwight’s techs. At the end of the day, we just want the best quality for our patients. DDX ensures that."

Did you know?

  • 72% of DDX-enabled dentists now schedule patient follow-up visits based on the DDX case return date.
  • 22% of dentists reduced rebookings by 25% or more using DDX.
  • Any Dentrix user can submit digital cases to any lab using DDX. Find a DDX-enabled lab now! If your lab isn’t DDX-enabled yet, suggest your lab to us and we’ll follow up for you.

Set up your FREE DDX account today! It’s fast, easy and almost certainly the best way to streamline your prescription process. Get DDX-enabled to increase efficiency, profitability and time spent with patients.

Author: Holly Holm
Published: 08/26/2011
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