Announcing New Electronic Payors

We are pleased to announce that Dentrix users can begin sending patient insurance claims electronically to the following payors:

Payer ID Payer Name
31172 HealthTrans
31172 Innovative Benefit Administrators
22823 Mid-America Benefits
23229 Integral Quality Care
34181 Commerce Benefits Group
37227 CNIC Health Services
37301 Summit America Insurance Services
41154 MMSI- Mayo Clinic Health Solutions
44219 ClaimsBridge NW
55731 ClaimsBridge South
68423 ClaimsBridge Midatlantic
74431 Ohio PPO Connect
81040 Allegiance Benefit Plan Management
89461 ClaimsBridge North
CHSBD Bay Area Delivery Drivers
CPPCA Healthy Families
WDENC Encara

And, electronic attachments can now be sent to the following payors:

Payer ID Payer Name
07000 MHP (Metropolitan Health Plan)
07000 First Blue Plan
07000 Civic Smiles
52133 Healthplex - Florida DHMO (Solstice)
52133 Lincoln Financial Group FL - DHMO (Solstice)
CPPCA Healthy Families
CX049 Coventry Dental
CX049 Prudential Dental - Group Dental Service
SCION Keystone Mercy Health Plan
SCION Scion Dental of FL
CBNY1 Empire

Looking for the entire list?
The Payer Search Tool lets you quickly see if an insurance carrier you work with provides electronic connections for common processes, such as:

  • Sending electronic claims
  • Sending real-time claims
  • Sending attachments
  • Verifying insurance eligibility

You can search by payer ID or name, and even export the results as an Excel file to create a customized list.

Are we missing a payor?
Click the link at the bottom of the Payor Search Tool page to submit the name of a payor you would like us to develop an electronic connection with. We’ll do what we can to get them added.

Author: Damon Graves
Published: 09/30/2011
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