Online Learning Options Redesigned

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve customer education offerings, we have redesigned the on-demand training page in the Dentrix Resource Center and introduced a new Webinars page and Events Calendar. These changes will be especially helpful for those interested in webinars and eServices training.

Some of the benefits of these changes include:

  • More on-demand training options
  • Reorganized on-demand titles to make them easier to find
  • A faster eServices training process
  • Simpler search and registration for webinars

What is changing with this redesign?

Several significant changes have been made to the Dentrix Resource Center:

1) A new layout for our library of on-demand training will make it easier to find the topics you are looking for. The Resource Center is available at no charge to all offices on a customer service plan.

  • Training topics will be divided into three sections on the On-Demand Training tab: eServices, Dentrix and Profitability. Click here to see the new layout:
  • Each individual topic includes ALL training options for that subject on a single page (videos, webinars, new Getting Started Guides, etc.). Here is an example of one of the individual topics:

2) A special emphasis on eServices training has been made in this redesign. The number of eServices training titles has been increased significantly, so you can get started immediately instead of waiting for a scheduled webinar or coaching call.

  • All the eServices content (and a few other sample titles) can also be viewed by customers without a customer service plan if they log in to the Dentrix Resource Center as a guest.
  • New Getting Started Guides can be printed for quick reference.
  • Click here to see the eServices content:

3) A new Events Calendar lists all Dentrix and eServices events, including webinars, Insight Seminars, Dentrix Training Workshops, conferences and trade shows.

  • You can register for or see additional information about any event right from the calendar by clicking on the title.
  • The calendar is searchable by date range and/or type of event.
  • The URL for the calendar is: You can also navigate there through the Dentrix website: > Contact Us > Event Calendar.

4) A new Webinars page has been created that describes each type of webinar offered (eServices training, Dentrix training and Solutions webinars), and links to the Event Calendar so you can see the schedule and register. Click here to see the new page:

  • The “Webinar” option in the Dentrix training menu will now go to this page instead of to the Resource Center.
  • The old webinar registration pages will be phased out over time.

Author: Patty Reay
Published: 10/28/2011
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