Using the Right Business Tools for the Job

Using the proper dental tools allows you to complete procedures more efficiently. After years of training and experience, you automatically reach for the right tool every time. Likewise, using the proper business tools can improve the efficiency and profitability of your practice.

Dentrix practice management software helps you reach for the right business tools—automatically—as you manage your practice. The latest version of Dentrix includes software tools that measure and track your practice key performance indicators (KPIs). These measurements show you strengths as well as areas you can improve for greater profitability.

Where to Start

The Dentrix Practice Advisor Report is a good place to start. It shows your productivity numbers on a monthly and yearly basis. In one consolidated report, you can check your production and collections data, and quickly see your practice’s strengths and weaknesses.

Then, use the Dentrix Daily Huddle Report to review your progress with your team. Regular morning briefings can yield amazing results. In fact, practices holding daily huddle meetings say using the Dentrix Daily Huddle Report saves them on average 60 to 90 minutes a day from manually having to research pertinent patient appointment information.

What to Watch

Dentrix automatically gathers the data you need to make your practice more profitable. Simply monitor these six KPIs in your Dentrix Practice Advisor Report:

  • Active patients: The number of patients visiting your office in the past 18 months.
  • Active patients in hygiene: The number of patients with at least one hygiene visit in the past 12 months.
  • Production: What each doctor and hygienist contributes to the overall practice production.
  • Accounts receivable management: Key A/R numbers such as production-to-collections ratio, A/R aging, insurance claims aging and others.
  • Schedule optimization: Tracks unfilled hygiene and dentist hours and broken appointments.
  • New patients: Monitors monthly how many new patients came to your practice and how they were referred.

The Dentrix Practice Advisor Report shows your current performance compared to the previous month and year-to-date numbers. It also compares your practice’s numbers to industry-standard benchmarks.

In addition, you can change the benchmarks to your practice goals. This helps you track how your current performance compares to your monthly and yearly goals.

With Dentrix, managing your practice for greater profitability can become second nature, like an automatic reflex. You just need the right business tools for the job.

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Author: Tammy Barker, Henry Schein Practice Solutions
Published: 07/31/2015
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